11 – 15 September 2017 | Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Tax Indaba 2015 Pricing

Register before 09 June
Register between 10 June – 7 August 2015 Register After 7 August
Five Days R7 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R8 776.86 -
SAVE R1000
R8 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R9 346.86 -
R8 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R9 916.86
Four Days R6 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R7 066.86 -
SAVE R1000
R6 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R7 636.86 -
R7 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R8 206.86
Three Days R4 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R5 356.86 -
SAVE R1000
R5 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R5 926.86 -
R5 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R6 496.86
Two Days R3 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R3 646.86 -
SAVE R1000
R3 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R4 216.86 -
R4 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R4 786.86
One Day R1 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R1 936.86 -
SAVE R1000
R2 199 (+ 14% VAT) =
R2 506.86 -
R2 699 (+ 14% VAT) =
R3 076.86

Terms & Conditions

  1. Reference to MyPlanner will be deemed to include its agents, employees and sponsors. Reference to Delegate shall mean the person or entity booking a ticket via any website established or accredited by MyPlanner or any booking agent nominated for such purpose by MyPlanner, and in terms of which booking the Terms and Conditions set out herein are incorporated. Conference shall mean the Tax Indaba 2015. Agreement shall mean the terms and Conditions set out herein read together with the booking form completed by the delegate when making his booking for the conference. Reference to the neutral shall be deemed to include male and female and singular the plural and vice versa.
  2. Payment will only be accepted by way of EFT or Credit Card. No cash payments will be accepted.
  3. Invoices will only be generated against payment of the full fees pertaining to the conference.
  4. Without derogating in any way from the above, any amounts outstanding shall be paid by no later than 30 calendar days prior to the conference. Failure to make this payment shall result in the agreement being cancelled and the delegate shall automatically forfeit all previous payments made to MyPlanner.
  5. Should the delegate wish to cancel the agreement, notice of such cancellation must be given to MyPlanner in writing. The following cancellation fees shall be due and payable to MyPlanner:
    • Cancellations: If you cancel within 10 weeks of this event running a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. If you cancel within 2 weeks of this event running a 100% cancellation fee will be charged. Please notify the office in writing.
    • Substitutions: Registered delegates may be substituted at any time prior to the Day without incurring an additional fee. Please notify the office in writing of the change.
    • Confirmation: All registrations will be deemed confirmed and subject to these Terms and Conditions
    • Payments: Payment must be made prior to the running of this event.
  6. Delegates who book and fail to attend the conference will be liable for the full conference fee.
  7. Should any legal proceedings arise from this agreement, the MyPlanner shall be entitled to recover its full legal costs on a scale as between attorney and own client, inclusive of fees of counsel, and notwithstanding whether action has been commenced with out of court or not.
  8. The Delegate shall be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and any rules or regulations pertaining to the conference from time to time. Any changes will only be valid if made in writing and signed by an authorised official of MyPlanner who shall have full power to interpret and to make or amend these rules, provided that such amendments and additions shall not operate to increase liabilities of MyPlanner.
  9. The Delegate shall not be permitted to participate in the conference unless it has paid all of the fees agreed to and complied with all its obligations in terms of this agreement.
  10. The Delegate shall not engage in any form of promotional measures unless approved by MyPlanner in advance and in writing.
  11. The Delegate is aware of and hereby irrevocably consent that its/his/her contact particulars may be released by MyPlanner to any Sponsor of the conference for promotional purposes and that the Sponsor may initiate contact with the Delegate following the conference.
  12. Attendance hours at the conference shall be controlled solely by MyPlanner who will specify hours etc., and admission shall be by ticket or identification badge. Identification badges shall not be transferable.
  13. MyPlanner, shall not responsible for any loss, theft or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. The Delegate hereby releases MyPlanner from any liability arising regardless of cause.
  14. MyPlanner will not be responsible for any errors or omissions on documents prepared and submitted by any advertiser or Sponsor.
  15. The execution of the Application and its receipt by MyPlanner shall be deemed conclusive proof of the Delegate’s agreement to pay the full conference fees due from that moment.
  16. MyPlanner shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civil commotion, strikes or lock-outs, intervention or regulation, military activity or any other circumstances which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for MyPlanner to hold the exhibition/conference at the time and place provided, and MyPlanner reserves the right to re-schedule the conference/exhibition at another date and/or at an alternative venue. Furthermore, MyPlanner will not be responsible and will be held harmless should any conflicts or misinterpretations arise with the host country, its sponsors, agents or other bodies regarding any and all aspects of the conference/exhibition which may affect the Delegate.
  17. The Delegate acknowledges that MyPlanner shall sustain damages and losses as a result of the foregoing as well, and hereby waive all claims for damages or compensation, whether consequential or direct and however arising. The sums paid to MyPlanner as fees or otherwise in connection with the conference/exhibition shall remain the property of MyPlanner and shall not be refundable.
  18. MyPlanner shall not be responsible to assist the Delegate (or its officers or representatives, if a body corporate) in obtaining passport and visa for entrance into the country where the conference/exhibition is to be held. The Delegate however, may at the discretion of the MyPlanner, substitute any other Delegate or company who meets the entry and government formalities necessary for entry into the country where the conference/exhibition is to be held. Such substitution shall be the sole responsibility of the contracting Delegate.
  19. Substitutions shall only be allowed in the same category and a R200-00 administration fee may be levied by MyPlanner per substitution. No substitutions shall be allowed less than 14 days before the conference.
  20. The Delegate expressly acknowledges that no representations – whether oral or in writing - expressed or implied - have been made concerning the amount of business (if any) to be gained from the conference or exhibition, its success or that MyPlanner has made any guarantees or assurances concerning the conference/exhibition.
  21. The Delegate further acknowledges that this document constitutes the entire agreement and the binding rules and regulations existing between the parties and that it has not been modified neither verbally nor in writing. No one is authorised to make any oral changes in this agreement.
  22. This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of South Africa. Any dispute between the parties under this Agreement hereby will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts.
  23. MyPlanner reserve the right to change the floor plan/layout of the conference at any time and in its sole and unfettered discretion.
  24. The Delegate acknowledges that MyPlanner reserves the right to cancel the event or to move the event to another date, time and/or venue and the delegate waives any claim that it may have, of whatsoever nature, that may arise in the event that MyPlanner should exercise its right as set out above.



>>> Tax Indaba

The enormously successful 2015 Tax Indaba took place from the 7th to the 11th of September. Over 800 participants – including over a hundred speakers – discussed, debated and deliberated a vast array of tax issues from every conceivable angle. We are delighted to have received abundantly positive feedback.

We captured moments from the 2015 event, which can be seen in our gallery of images Click on the following hyperlink to download the presentations given.