>>> 2020 PRICING

Tax Indaba Online Conference Fees

Please note that the special rate for members is only applicable to SAIT members and members of qualifying professional bodies
(please refer to the event partner page for a list of qualifying professional bodies).

To retrieve your unique promo code. please contact your professional body.

Tax Indaba rates for 3 days (total of 17 hours)

Members Non Members Small Practitioners:
R 2600.00 R 3200.00 R 1800.00 (limited to Sait and partner RCB members only)

Event partner member price
Full package ticket
(3 Days)
Single full day ticket (per day) Half day ticket (Morning OR afternoon session only)
SAIT member price

Event partner member price
R2 600.00 R1 200.00 R 600.00
Non-member price R 3200.00 R 1500.00 R 750.00
Small practitioner price * Only available to SAIT or partner members R 1 800.00 * *
* Small Practitioner Pricing
Total Staff Complement: Five and less employees on your payroll.
Note: Companies wishing to make use of the special offer will be required to present documentation validating their small practitioner status upon registration